Technomad Turnkey PA Systems Provide Coweta County with Pristine Audio

Three separate systems broadcast audio across Fairgrounds and Conference Center

 Technomad LLC, a leader in weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995, announces that the local government for Coweta County Georgia in suburban Atlanta is using three Technomad Turnkey PA systems within its Fairgrounds and Conference Center.  The organization recently installed two 70-volt Turnkey systems inside the Conference Center for events covering 6,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space, delivering intelligible voice and high-quality musical audio to attendees.


According to Tom Corker, Administrative and Operations Director for Coweta County Georgia, the new Technomad 70-volt systems replaced a poor quality in-ceiling audio system.  The decision to upgrade to Technomad was partially based on the longevity of the outdoor Turnkey PA system in operation since 2004 at the W.C. Adamson Horse Arena, an uncovered horse arena show ring with large spectator and concessions areas.

 “The outdoor system has been untouched since installation five years ago, and has reliably projected clear voice and music to every corner of the arena,” said Corker.  “So it made sense to go with Technomad when it came time to upgrade the Conference Center systems.  These systems have performed exceptionally well in an acoustically challenging environment.  The 70-volt configuration indoors also simplified system design and installation, allowing us to daisychain multiple loudspeakers together to accommodate longer runs.”

The 70-volt Turnkey PA systems are specifically designed for restaurants, retail spaces, and other facilities that need a technically superior indoor system or a rugged, weatherproof PA system to extend new or existing indoor system to outdoor areas — all powered through a single amplifier.

The two Coweta County Administration systems feature a total of 10 Technomad Vernal loudspeakers, which can be linked together for large events; or divided into two separate systems (six and four Vernals, respectively) to provide audio in two different rooms depending on the size of the audience.  Each system is powered by a separate Technomad Turnkey PA signal processing rack featuring an amplifier and six-channel mixer, and also includes a dynamic microphone, cables, connectors and additional rack space for source equipment.

The outdoor Turnkey PA system is a fixed install system that includes three Technomad Noho C loudspeakers as well as an amplifier, six-channel mixer, wired microphone, wireless microphone, cables, connectors and additional rack space for source equipment.

“The weatherproof design has been critical for the horse arena system, as Coweta County gets hit with hard rains and very hot summers,” said Corker.  “The Nohos are black and absorb a lot of heat without problems while remaining unprotected from the elements.  And the audio quality remains unaffected.  Indoors and outdoors, the loudspeakers project very well and reproduce low, mid and high frequencies very clearly.  We never have to worry about anyone not hearing music or a presentation regardless of their distance from the loudspeakers.”

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