Infocomm 2016 Wrap Up


Infocomm 2016 was great!  Lots of new people learned about Technomad gear, and we saw many old friends with interesting stories from the wide world of outdoor audio.

We also drove by the amazing  0.8 mile long installation of our wireless audio system on 75 light poles on 1st Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

Watch the videos below for the ‘virtual trade show’. Karl walks you through the major Technomad product groups: weatherproof loudspeakers, PowerChiton waterproof amplifiers, DragonFly portable PA, and Schedulon automatic audio player.

Weatherproof Loudspeakers

Schedulon Automatic Audio Player

DragonFly Weatherproof Portable PA System

PowerChiton waterproof amplifiers

AudioNode Wireless Audio over IP (Used in Las Vegas)

More Water Tank!