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Article Highlights, 1/1/18

Featured Technomad outdoor audio articles - some of the more interesting outdoor / weatherproof audio projects we've worked on over the years here at

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Amazing Stadium Project, Ethiopia

Remarkable photos shared by our importer in Ethiopia.  An array of Noho Ci and Berlin loudspeakers provide audio for the brand-new Woldiya Stadium.  The stadium has a capacity of 25,600, and was completed in late 2016. [ Have a smaller stadium that needs audio?  Check out our Turn-Key Stadium PA Systems. ]

The Ethiosport blog writes “construction of the stadium will create opportunities for Woldia to host national and international competitions as it meets FIFA and IAAF requirements.

The Stadium has 10 entrance gates, a swimming pool, an eight lane competition track as well as basketball, handball, volleyball and tennis courts.

These loudspeakers traveled a long way from our South Deerfield factory – over 6730 miles (10831 km).


EthioSports Article about the Stadium

Noho Ci Stadium Loudspeaker Page (with more photos)

Berlin 15H Stadium Loudspeaker Page

Loudspeakers at the Waterpark – Adventure Cove, Singapore

Remarkable photos shared by RockComms in Singapore, of Technomad loudspeakers and subwoofers installed at the Adventure Cove Waterpark (Bluewater Bay).  The water park is part of Resorts World Sentosa which operates
the Universal Studio franchise in Singapore.

In addition to the awesome flying whale sculptures (!) you can see the Technomad Berlin 6040 full range loudspeaker in Desert Sand color, some Oslo 18 subwoofers (originally developed for Disney Imagineering) also in Desert Sand, and pole–mounted Paris 616 loudspeakers.

Singapore presents a tough environment for loudspeakers, with average temperatures around 31º C (88º F) during the day with little seasonal variation. Singapore receives a considerable amount of rainfall – approximately 2340mm (92 inches) annually. The region is extremely humid, with humidity levels usually between 70% and 90%. (Source: World Travel Guide).

That’s just the standard weather – add the corrosive environment of a chlorinated pool and you have an extraordinary challenge for any loudspeaker.  Fortunately Technomad’s military-grade construction and no-compromises audio design is ready to meet the challenge.

More information:

Managing the Mountain – DragonFly Portable PA At Mt Hood

“Hi Technomad –


Here are pictures I took at our race this past weekend…

The upgraded Dragonfly Portable PA System worked great.  The automatic reduction of volume for the aux input is excellent.


We had 225 kids racing, ranging in age from 5-13, and each kid got two runs.   We used the speaker for announcing names of racers as they approach the finish line and at awards.  From the pictures you can see the size of the areas we are broadcasting to.



– Jason, Mt Hood Ski School

Mt Hood Photos DragonFly Technomad - 3






Mt Hood Photos DragonFly Technomad - 5
















Mt Hood Photos DragonFly Technomad - 7

Product Updates, 2016 Wrap Up

We’ve had a number of product updates over the past quarter, here’s a quick summary (more in-depth articles coming soon):

Noho Ci – our first all-new loudspeaker in over 10 years, the Noho Ci is an installation optimized version of the popular Noho C. Ideal for stadium installations – fully weatherproof, unmatched clarity.

DragonFly – this amazing portable PA system just keeps getting better. We’ve upgraded the standard battery chemistry to LiFePO, which means greater power density – up to 8 hours continuous operation. And still just 22 lbs! We’ve also upgrade the mixer to include a switchable ducking circuit -music playback can be ducked by the built-in wireless mic, OR by an external microphone.

Schedulon – improved playback quality just announced (WAV playback up to 48Khz 16bit stereo). Improved recording – ADPCM WAV recording at 44100 Hz 16bit stereo. Also increased storage – now we include 32Gb of onboard SD-card storage.


Notable Installations / Projects from 2017

Ethiopia stadium project 15 Noho, 3 Berlin 6040 – photos and details coming soon!

Australia open air movie theater – 8 Berlin 9040, 4 Oslo 18, 6 Noho C (for surrounds) – photos and details coming soon!

Spanish Cruise Ship – 8 Berlin 15H, 8 Oslo

Singapore outdoor pool / waterpark – 4 Berlin 9040, 2 Oslo, 3 Paris)

US Race Track – 10 PowerChiton 3 plus 10 Noho C, with streaming audio

…and many US high school and college sports stadiums, pools, sport complexes, patios, theaters, etc.