Update 10/19/17 – The Athletic Show, Pricing, & Lower-Cost Schedulon

Hello from Technomad Audio Systems –

A short update below about the big athletic show in Orlando, a price update (not quite), and a special offer we’re running on the Schedulon audio player.

Athletic Business Show
abshow logo
Next month we exhibit at the exciting Athletic
Business Conference
in Orlando. Dates are Nov 9-10, and we’re at Booth 337. If you’re heading over to the show and would rather not pay $25 to get in, you can register
free on us (click here)

New Pricing Coming Soon! But not yet.Our pricing hasn’t changed since January – of 2016. We’re overdue for an update, and likely a few modest increases. New pricing comes out on November 1. We suggest getting any pending orders in to your local Technomad dealer.

Schedulon Update, and Special Promotion
Schedulon The Schedulon is our powerful automatic music player, great for everything from hospital & school bells, resort music, airport announcements, church carillons, theme park music and sound effects, automated radio broadcasts, and lots more. The Schedulon evolved from
US military equipment, so it’s simple, super–reliable, and powerful. It even has a quick-fire knob so you can trigger audio cues at will.The Schedulon retails for $2328 – but for the rest of October, get it for just $1499. Save over $800!   Learn more at the Schedulon web page, and test-drive the Schedulon control panel.

Thanks for reading! Let us know how we can help with your Fall audio projects.


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