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Stadium Loudspeaker system brings the heat to Hot Springs High School in AR

Hot Springs High School in Arkansas has welcomed some new members to its Trojan football team. In the fall of 2017, two weatherproof, full-range Technomad Berlin loudspeakers were added to the high school stadium.

Technomad dealer Jeff Childs reports, “The staff reported the improvement in overall sound volume and quality was remarkable”. Child’s went on to say, [These Berlin loudspeakers] are almost indestructible…I installed a pair at another stadium in Hot Springs that have worked great for over 10 years”. Check out the pictures below to see Jeff modeling with the powerful and durable Berlin loudspeakers. Can you spot where the Berlin loudspeakers are installed in the stadium?

Interested in a Technomad Weatherproof Loudspeaker system for your school’s stadium? Take a look at other Technomad projects at Anson High School,  Clovis High School, and Thornton Academy and contact our sales team to determine the best loudspeaker system for your needs now.

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Technomad Weatherproof Berlin Loudspeaker

Technomad Stadium PA Systems

Hot Springs High School

Contact Jeff Childs at Jeff Childs Electronics or 501-623-5833

Technomad Loudspeakers at home in one of the Nation’s Oldest Schools

Founded in 1811, Thornton Academy is one of the nation’s oldest independent schools. Located in the quaint coastal city of Saco, Maine, Thornton is home to day-students from the Greater Portland area, and boarding students from over 35 different countries. Thornton is now also home to two new Technomad Noho Ci loudspeakers.


The ultra-compact, full-range Noho Ci loudspeakers are installed on each side of the concession stand at Thornton’s Hill Stadium, which is widely regarded as one of the top on-campus athletic playing facilities in New England. The Technomad weatherproof loudspeaker broadcasts results from the school’s football, soccer, and field hockey teams’, announces graduations, and much more. A school parent writes, “[The Noho loudspeaker] sounds fantastic! It really blankets the field, and the kids have fun cranking them during halftime and after the game”.

Interested in a Technomad Weatherproof Loudspeaker system for your school’s stadium? Check out other Technomad projects at Anson High SchoolClovis High School, and Berry College and contact our sales team now!


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Technomad Weatherproof Noho Ci 

Technomad Stadium PA Systems

Thornton Academy

No tricks just treats as Technomad audio systems power Halloween concert in Las Vegas

Show-goers were in for a treat as the Technomad Berlin Tour and Technomad Noho C Tour Weatherproof Loudspeakers powered “The Witching Hour”, a concert series that took place at the LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas over Halloween. Stage shows began every hour on the hour October 27-31st. The portable, fully weatherproof Technomad audio systems projected drumlines, DJ’s, and “spooktacular shows of mystery and magic” to a family-friendly crowd. Even the High Roller, the 550-foot high Ferris wheel and crown attraction of the LINQ, joined in the festivities. On Halloween Night, the High Roller was lit up in orange, purple and yellow.

The LINQ Promenade is an open-air shopping, dining, and entertainment district located directly across from Caesars Palace in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Spanning more than 300,000 square feet, the LINQ features more than 30 restaurants and retail stores, as well as stages for entertainment.

Four Berlin Tour and 2 Noho C Tour outdoor waterproof loudspeakers were used for the series. An identical system will be in use for a holiday show at the LINQ running throughout December.

More Information:

Earth Water Sky | Las Vegas Even Production Company

The LINQ Promenade Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ LINQ Promenade October Specials


Berlin Tour Weatherproof Full-Range Loudspeaker

Noho C Tour Weatherproof Loudspeaker



Noho Weatherproof Loudspeakers at work in Alabama Music Venue

Technomad’s Noho weatherproof loudspeakers were put to the test during the inaugural Fireside Music Festival in Huntsville, Alabama. Forsyth Consulting designed and installed an outdoor sound system using six Noho weatherproof loudspeakers with 400 watt, 70 volt transformers for the newly constructed event space, The Camp at MidCity. Due to inclement weather, the speakers were installed using a boom lift in the rain and the first three days fo the festival were canceled. The Noho weatherproof loudspeakers withstood the conditions and were ready to perform when the sun came out for the last day of the festival.

Kevin Forsyth, President of Forsyth Consulting stated “The owner [of The Camp at MidCity] wanted great full range sound, and we gave it to him with Technomad being the only supplier who could deliver with less than two weeks’ notice. It was a significant success, and the owners loved the sound quality of the system and the aesthetics which matched the Camp Environment.” Forsyth stated the speakers were tapped at 400 watts, and driven with 400 watts per speaker providing more than enough volume and qualify full range audio for background music, wireless microphone, hardwired mic jack, and television audio to create a truly unique and flexible environment for a facility that is still evolving.

Forsyth went on to say, “We greatly appreciate RCP Development giving us the opportunity to demonstrate what could be done with short notice by Forsyth Consulting, Inc. With the cooperation of Rodger von Kries at Technomad, we were able to meet delivery in a very tight window. We are looking forward to more projects using the Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers”.

More Information:

Forsyth Consulting website. 40 years’ experience in acoustic analysis and recommendations, audio and video systems design, implementation and background music using state of the art – reliable – and proven technologies

The Camp at Huntsville website

Fireside Music Festival


Noho Weatherproof Loudspeaker



Update 10/19/17 – The Athletic Show, Pricing, & Lower-Cost Schedulon

Hello from Technomad Audio Systems –

A short update below about the big athletic show in Orlando, a price update (not quite), and a special offer we’re running on the Schedulon audio player.

Athletic Business Show
abshow logo
Next month we exhibit at the exciting Athletic
Business Conference
in Orlando. Dates are Nov 9-10, and we’re at Booth 337. If you’re heading over to the show and would rather not pay $25 to get in, you can register
free on us (click here)

New Pricing Coming Soon! But not yet.Our pricing hasn’t changed since January – of 2016. We’re overdue for an update, and likely a few modest increases. New pricing comes out on November 1. We suggest getting any pending orders in to your local Technomad dealer.

Schedulon Update, and Special Promotion
Schedulon The Schedulon is our powerful automatic music player, great for everything from hospital & school bells, resort music, airport announcements, church carillons, theme park music and sound effects, automated radio broadcasts, and lots more. The Schedulon evolved from
US military equipment, so it’s simple, super–reliable, and powerful. It even has a quick-fire knob so you can trigger audio cues at will.The Schedulon retails for $2328 – but for the rest of October, get it for just $1499. Save over $800!   Learn more at the Schedulon web page, and test-drive the Schedulon control panel.

Thanks for reading! Let us know how we can help with your Fall audio projects.


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