Technomad Loudspeakers at Jurassic Park – 15 Months Later

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA – Doused with 4.2 million gallons of water per day for over a year, Technomad loudspeakers still perform flawlessly at Universal Studio’s Jurassic Park attraction.

In October 1996, Direction Sound/Vision of Los Angeles, California, installed Technomad loudspeakers in scene 12 of the prestigious Jurassic Park attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood. Scene 12, the climacteric indoor section of the America’s largest water-ride, features the world-renown 20 foot tall, animatronics Tyrannosaurus Rex.

As originally reported in December 1996, two of the six Technomad Berlin 15/H loudspeakers were installed in the huge mist cloud, one meter in front of the huge, and three story tall waterfall. Due to a planned Waterfall modification four weeks after the Berlin loudspeakers were installed, a newly routed chute delivers a daily deluge of water over the Berlin loudspeakers. The massive waterfall of Jurassic Park’s scene 12 recirculates 4.2 million gallons of water around the huge animatronics Tyrannosaurus Rex, and directly onto the Technomad Berlin loudspeakers, everyday. Since being installed in the waterfall in October 20, 1996, over 2 BILLION gallons of water have poured directly onto the two Technomad Berlin loudspeakers.

All of the T-Rex sound effects on scene 12 roar out of a Technomad sound system consisting of six Berlin 15/H two-way, full-range loudspeakers and eight Chicago 15/12 subwoofers. The Chicago subs are distributed on the platforms, four subs on each side of the boat track, to deliver T-Rex’s ominous footstep sound effects. Six Berlin loudspeakers deliver the blood-curdling roar of T-Rex, as the animatronics beast lunges at the spectators in the final moments of the ride. Two Berlin loudspeakers are installed approximately 25 feet above the boat track, and fire directly down on the spectators. Two additional Berlin are positioned left and right of the boat track, one per side, parallel to the overhead Berlin loudspeakers, again within 25 feet of the spectators. The final two of six Berlins are suspended in the waterfall, positioned left and right of the animatronics T-Rex, approximately 35 feet above the floor, and approximately 60 feet from the spectators. The volumes of the six Berlins are EQ-ed and blended to deliver the most effectively terrifying sound effect in the themed entertainment industry.

According to Mr. Jim Schmidt, Manager of Attraction Engineering, “We are continually amazed the Technomads continue to perform under these conditions. After several weeks, we simply decided to leave them in place just to see how long they would last. Fifteen months later, they are still in perfect working order.”

Mr. Schmidt concludes, “Universal is really the proving ground for new products and technology. We burn it up, blow it up or try to drown it. If a product can survive this environment, it can survive just about anywhere. The Technomad loudspeakers have proven they are survivors.”