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Technomad Outdoor Loudspeakers Deliver High-Quality Audio at Mount Si High School

BOSTON – Technomad Associates, LLC today announced that Mount Si High School, part of the Snoqualmie Valley School District in Snoqualmie, Washington, has installed two Technomad Noho C weatherproof outdoor loudspeakers for its Soccer and Track Field to provide voice and audio playback for all events. The Noho C loudspeakers replace less reliable loudspeakers that struggled to fill the track and field area with intelligible audio. They also offer a true weatherproof loudspeaker solution for a region in the west foothills of the Cascade Mountains noted for its heavy annual rainfall.

Electrocom of Washington recommends and installs Technomad Noho C weatherproof loudspeakers for Soccer and Track Field in rainy environment

Our track and field events are spread all over the field, and people had trouble hearing the live audio from our older loudspeakers depending on the location of the event, said Carl Larson, Director of Operations, and Snoqualmie Valley School District. The Technomad loudspeakers are a major improvement and direct the audio to all areas of the field to provide complete coverage. Also, we receive 80 to 90 inches of rain each year, and these loudspeakers are still pumping.

Electrocom of Lynwood, Washington handled the installation and recommended the Technomad Noho C as a reliable loudspeaker that would produce the audio levels and field coverage the school required. The loudspeakers are mounted on two light poles directly behind the visitor’s bleachers of the school’s football field. A two-channel 550-watt amplifier powers the Technomad loudspeakers from the home press box on the opposite side of the football stadium, using thick, protected cabling to drive the 8-Ohm signal from a long distance. A line for a single microphone is run through the same protective conduit to the Soccer and Track Field, where volunteers broadcast live coverage of the events over the Technomad Noho C loudspeakers.

The Technomad Noho C loudspeakers by far outperform the non-Technomad loudspeakers that the acoustical consultant recommended for the football field. Those loudspeakers simply cannot reproduce the high volume required to fill the stadium and compete with crowd noise, said Jerry Hegstad, Education Market Manager, Electrocom. We immediately recommended Technomad when the customer asked us to improve the loudspeakers on the Soccer and Track Field. They sound far better and have a much broader audio dispersion so everyone can clearly hear the live broadcast regardless of location. They also work great for exterior installations, an important element when designing and installing outdoor audio systems.

Technomad loudspeakers are available separately or as part of complete Turnkey PA Systems which feature an audio mixer, power amplifier, speaker cables, speaker mounting brackets, a dynamic microphone with cable, and a rack enclosure.


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