Application: Themed Environment Audio Systems

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pool / waterpark sound system

Technomad makes unique products to solve Themed Environment challenges:

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Technomad loudspeakers are synonymous with theme park audio. We’ve been building rugged, reliable, high fidelity & fully weatherproof audio systems longer than any other manufacturer. Our clients include Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, and other theme park clients. Whether you have a waterpark, large or small theme park, zoo, or family fun center, Technomad is the answer to your audio problems.


Key Features:

  • Unmatched audio fidelity in an all-environment design
  • Power from 60 to 600 Watts
  • Full-range and subwoofer models available
  • 70-volt or 8-Ohm versions of all models
  • Three layer stainless steel WeatherTech™ grill
  • Self-draining cabinet lets condensatioin drain out
  • Incredibly tough and reliable
  • Thick, tough rotationally molded cabinet.
  • Chemical treatments prevent mold growth, driver breakdown.
  • Integral, designed-in weatherproofing does not compromise sound

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