Application: Sound Reinforcement Audio Systems

Technomad loudspeakers offer unique advantage for sound reinforcement, rental systems, and other mobile audio applications. The “Swiss-army knife” of loudspeakers, Technomads is highly flexible, and can be deployed in a wide variety of applications. Featuring uncompromised audio performance, custom engineered drivers, huge crossover networks, carefully engineered horn shapes, and more, Technomad loudspeakers delivery outstanding sound quality.

All Technomad AS-Series loudspeakers are self-casing – a clamp-on lid converts the loudspeaker into a mil-spec 810F flight case.

All AS-Series Technomad can be deplored as individual “sound-on-a-stick” cabinets using any of four molded-in stand mount sockets. They can also be arrayed into large, phase-coherent clusters. Smaller Technomads array with larger models, so you never have “orphaned” small loudspeakers that can’t be used in larger applications.

All AS-series Technomads convert into angled stage monitors through the exclusive MonitorTilt [ click here ]™ feature, adding even more flexibility. Available lock-on dollys allow easy deployment of Techomad systems from truck to venue.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Scalable design – all inventory can be used for any sized show
  • Self-casing construction protects loudspeakers during transport
  • VERY flexible design – all boxes can be flown, stand-mounted, stacked, and used as stage monitors
  • No processor needed
  • Thick, rugged, rotationally molded cabinet

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