PowerChiton BreakoutBox

Technomad PowerChiton BreakoutBox waterproof mixer front endThe BreakoutBox is an accessory product for the PowerChiton product line.  It connects to the PowerChiton by a weatherproof signal cable.  It’s a lockable, IP66 Nema enclosure, which contains a 4-input mixer ( one XLR mic-level input, one 1/4″ line level input, two 1/8″ inputs – ideal for connecting an iPod or similar sources.   See video below!

The unit provides sufficient storage space for a handheld microphone and cable, or other items.

In a typical application, the PowerChiton is installed on a lighting pole, connected to AC power from the pole.  The PowerChiton drives a cluster of up to three loudspeakers.  The Breakout Box is wired to the PowerChiton, and installed at eye level on the pole.

A coach or other user can walk up to the BreakoutBox, unlock it and immediately make announcements via the microphone or play music by connecting an iPod or similar source.

Together, the BreakoutBox and PowerChiton eliminate the need for a dedicated equipment room or press box – a complete PA system can be installed ‘naked’ on an outdoor structure or post, ready for use at a moments notice.

New!  Breakout Box XL – larger version of the Breakout Box has space for up to 3 wireless mic receivers, as well as hand-held microphones and other accessories.