Why Technomad ?

There are 80+ loudspeaker manufacturers in the US alone, and many more internationally. So, why should you choose Technomad for your next project?

Technomad is a small, highly-specialized manufacturer based in Massachusetts. Since 1995 we have served the most demanding clients in the world by making THE MOST RELIABLE, HIGH FIDELITY, WEATHERPROOF loudspeakers and PA systems in the world.

Cost/Benefit – you might pay a little more for Technomad equipment. But what you get in return is virtually zero in-the-field failures, unmatched sound quality, ‘install and forget’ peace of mind, happy clients, and greatly reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

Unlike other manufacturers who make everything from DJ gear, to entry-level music store PA systems, to commercial ceiling loudspeakers, Technomad makes only high quality products. There are no ‘entry-level’ Technomads – from the tiny Vernal to the mighty Berlin, everything we make is the best we know how.

Many Technomad customers come to us as a last resort – then choose us first for their next application.

So, welcome to the website. Please click around, see what there is to learn – and contact us if you have questions or need to order Technomad gear for yourself.

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