Technomad “Turnkey” Restaurant / Retail  / Residential PA Systems
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technomad 70v turnkey system for restaurants and retail audio
Technomad Turnkey PA w/optional subwoofer

restaurant pa system - group of 6 vernals
(6) Technomad Vernal 15T loudspeakers included

restaurant installation - gladstones, los angelesTechnomad Installation at Gladstones, Mailbu, CA

Technomad outdoor weatherproof loudspeakers used at the Gladstones restaurant, Mailibu CA. Restaurant and retail Audio.
Technomad loudspeakers inside and outside

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Does your restaurant or retail space need a GREAT outdoor audio system? Are you tired of maintaining delicate “sound reinforcement” systems that can’t handle the rigors of the real world?

If so, you need a Technomad high-performance 70-volt audio system. This pre-assembled and tested package gives you everything you need for great sound, either to extend your existing indoor PA system, or as a stand-alone PA for your whole facility. The loudspeakers are completely weatherproof, and the system sounds great is easy to install.

There are several sizes of RPA System:
RPA1 – Small area PA system, 2 loudspeaker
RPA2 – Medium area PA system, 4 loudspeaker
RPA3 – Large area PA system, 6 loudspeaker

All Systems Include:

  • Completely weatherproof military-grade Technomad Vernal 15T loudspeakers. These small but mighty loudspeakers have unmatched sound quality and projection, and are virtually indestructible.
  • Wallmount Speaker Brackets
  • Pre-wired amp/mixer rack, with Technomad 70-volt amplifier and 6 input mixers (multiple standard inputs for CD/Tape/iPod/Mp3 or background music system, as well as 2 microphone inputs). The amplifier is powerful enough to drive the Vernal loudspeakers as well as one optional Soho subwoofer. Front 1/8″ input is provided on the mixer for easy iPod/Mp3 player connection.
  • 200′ reel of outdoor speaker cable
    (100′ on RPA1)


  • Soho 12T Subwoofer – add a Soho Subwoofer to any RPA system – no additional amp or crossover required, attaches to same wiring as the Vernal loudspeakers. Includes on-loudspeaker volume switch so you can adjust amount of bass.
  • Additional Vernal 15T loudspeakers
  • 200′ Additional Cable
  • Gooseneck Push-To-Talk Microphone
  • Hand-Held Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone System
  • CD Player
  • Schedulon MP3 Player/Recorder – plays sounds instantly, or on a schedule you set (i.e. background music and announcements)
  • Custom color (12 choices – click to view)

For more information, or the name of a local reseller, contact Technomad. We can answer any questions you have about mobile audio, and even develop a customized system for you. This is the restaurant/retail PA page – for information about Stadium PA systems, click here.

Technomad loudspeakers are used by the US Government, Universal Studios, all major Cruise Ship Lines, corporate sound reinforcement firms, as well as other demanding clients around the world.