Free Audio Downloads for Schedulon Users

Technomad recommends that Schedulon users visit The Freesound Project, a useful resource to access and download legal audio files.  Looking for bell sounds or carillon tones or your school or church?  Perhaps you need sound effects for football and baseball games, or background music for your office or store?  Freesound offers a variety of licensed sounds to complement your environment or facility.

Follow these instructions to download/use sounds from The Freesound Project:

  • Visit and identify the sounds you want.
  • Confirm that the Creative Commons license applied to that sound allows it to be used in your commercial or non-commercial application (read more about this below)
  • Download MP3 or WAV versions of the sounds
  • If your download is WAV format: Use iTunes or other program to convert WAV to MP3 files
  • Rename the files to fit the 8.mp3 format.  (no more than 8 characters, followed by the extension .mp3)
  • Copy the file(s) directly to the Schedulon USB thumb drive, or transfer the files to the unit via the Web Interface
  • Use the files in Schedulon knob-assignments and/or automatic playback schedules

The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.  It collects audio snippets, samples and other partial recordings released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License.  The website provides a simple search engine where users can find the type of audio files by entering specific keywords (bell, carillon, crowd, music, etc.)

Creative Commons is a non-profit corporation that provides free licenses and other legal tools for creative work that is consistent with copyright rules.  The organization provides content creators with licenses that define how others may use their creative material:

  • Attribution: Others may copy, distribute, display and perform copyrighted work and derivative works, with credit given to the creator as requested.
  • Share Alike: Others may distribute derivative works under an identical license to the governing license.
  • Non-Commercial: Others may copy, distribute and perform copyrighted work and derivative works for non-commercial purposes.
  • No Derivative Works: Others may copy, distribute, display and perform copyrighted work verbatim, but not derivative works.


Based on the above licenses, most available sounds can be used for non-profit organizations such as schools, churches and municipal-based public services (such as parks and recreational facilities).  Businesses can also take advantage of any sounds that are not tagged as non-commercial works.

Technomad Schedulon mp3 audio player and recorder
Schedulon users can create schedules for automatic playback, or immediately play out files uploaded to the unit from a front-panel knob position

The Schedulon provides storage for an unlimited number of sounds (2GB standard memory).  Once uploaded, sounds are available for immediate on-demand playback from a front-panel, push-and-turn knob.  Audio files can be assigned to any of the 99 available knob positions.

Users can also create schedules for automatic playback.  Scheduling can be as straightforward or complex as desired, down to the exact time of day, from single-event playback to continuously repeated messages.

Sounds and audio files can also be added to a precise, user-defined playback schedule based on an internal clock or synchronized network time server.  Please visit for more information.