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Managing the Mountain – DragonFly Portable PA At Mt Hood

“Hi Technomad –


Here are pictures I took at our race this past weekend…

The upgraded Dragonfly Portable PA System worked great.  The automatic reduction of volume for the aux input is excellent.


We had 225 kids racing, ranging in age from 5-13, and each kid got two runs.   We used the speaker for announcing names of racers as they approach the finish line and at awards.  From the pictures you can see the size of the areas we are broadcasting to.



– Jason, Mt Hood Ski School

Mt Hood Photos DragonFly Technomad - 3






Mt Hood Photos DragonFly Technomad - 5
















Mt Hood Photos DragonFly Technomad - 7

Product Updates, 2016 Wrap Up

We’ve had a number of product updates over the past quarter, here’s a quick summary (more in-depth articles coming soon):

Noho Ci – our first all-new loudspeaker in over 10 years, the Noho Ci is an installation optimized version of the popular Noho C. Ideal for stadium installations – fully weatherproof, unmatched clarity.

DragonFly – this amazing portable PA system just keeps getting better. We’ve upgraded the standard battery chemistry to LiFePO, which means greater power density – up to 8 hours continuous operation. And still just 22 lbs! We’ve also upgrade the mixer to include a switchable ducking circuit -music playback can be ducked by the built-in wireless mic, OR by an external microphone.

Schedulon – improved playback quality just announced (WAV playback up to 48Khz 16bit stereo). Improved recording – ADPCM WAV recording at 44100 Hz 16bit stereo. Also increased storage – now we include 32Gb of onboard SD-card storage.


Notable Installations / Projects from 2017

Ethiopia stadium project 15 Noho, 3 Berlin 6040 – photos and details coming soon!

Australia open air movie theater – 8 Berlin 9040, 4 Oslo 18, 6 Noho C (for surrounds) – photos and details coming soon!

Spanish Cruise Ship – 8 Berlin 15H, 8 Oslo

Singapore outdoor pool / waterpark – 4 Berlin 9040, 2 Oslo, 3 Paris)

US Race Track – 10 PowerChiton 3 plus 10 Noho C, with streaming audio

…and many US high school and college sports stadiums, pools, sport complexes, patios, theaters, etc.




Infocomm 2016 Wrap Up


Infocomm 2016 was great!  Lots of new people learned about Technomad gear, and we saw many old friends with interesting stories from the wide world of outdoor audio.

We also drove by the amazing  0.8 mile long installation of our wireless audio system on 75 light poles on 1st Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

Watch the videos below for the ‘virtual trade show’. Karl walks you through the major Technomad product groups: weatherproof loudspeakers, PowerChiton waterproof amplifiers, DragonFly portable PA, and Schedulon automatic audio player.

Weatherproof Loudspeakers

Schedulon Automatic Audio Player

DragonFly Weatherproof Portable PA System

PowerChiton waterproof amplifiers

AudioNode Wireless Audio over IP (Used in Las Vegas)

More Water Tank!

Wireless Outdoor Audio System Blankets Five Acres of Downtown Las Vegas

Wireless Outdoor Audio System Blankets Five Acres of Downtown Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada, June 7  Downtown Las Vegas has seen a major audio upgrade.  A cutting-edge installation of wirelessly networked loudspeakers and amplifiers now covers a five acre zone on 1st Street from Bridger to Boulder.  Suspended high above the pavement on 75 customized concrete light poles, the new audio system blankets the street and sidewalks with high fidelity sound streamed live from the city’s command center.

Local integrator TeleData Technologies designed and commissioned the system, while Technomad LLC of South Deerfield, Massachusetts supplied the audio equipment.  Founded in 1995, Technomad specializes in military audio and advanced commercial sound systems, with clients including the US Government, Disney, Royal Caribbean and many more.  The 1st street project uses a custom ‘AudioNode’ equipment package based on Technomad’s PowerChiton waterproof amplifiers and military-grade Vernal 15 loudspeakers.  A Technomad Schedulon audio player at the command center plays hours of audio automatically.  The Schedulon also allows a staffer to quickly play emergency messages, interrupting any music playing automatically.

Vernal White No Background

Only 9″ high, the Vernal loudspeaker used in the project freatures a horn-loaded high frequency compression driver – meaning it delivers greater projection and ‘punch’ in noisy outdoor environments than typical dome-tweeter loaded loudspeakers.  With a robust bass driver,  a unique weatherproof cabinet and multi-layer grill system, the Vernal has a life expectancy measured in decades even in harsh climates, Technomad reports.

The Vernal loudspeaker cabinets were sustainably molded by LightManufacturing in California, using a patented solar thermal molding process which eliminates the need for fossil fuel heating.


A loudspeaker is only as good as its amplification, and the 1st street loudspeakers are well served by pole-mounted ‘PowerChiton’ amplifiers.  PowerChitons were invented by Technomad in 2010.  These compact, totally waterproof amplifier modules (named after a rugged marine snail) install easily on light poles, buildings, trees, vehicles, and other challenging locations.  Importantly for city audio projects they operate from 110 or 220V AC power as is commonly found in light poles.  Result?  No need to run extra AC power for the street sound system.

The PowerChiton waterproof amplifiers have space inside their waterproof shell to house accessories, and even provide DC electricity to to power them.  This makes integrating networking and signal processing gear simple.  Technomad selected Barix codecs to bridge from wireless Ethernet data to analog audio.

“The compact size of the system and its ability to operate directly from the power already in the light poles was really important to the project” says Greg Maher of Teledata, “it allowed us to install quickly and take advantage of existing infrastructure”.

Teledata deployed a robust Wifi network over the 5 acre area, allowing the use of standards–based networking and simplifying future expansion.  As part of the continuing redevelopment of Downtown Las Vegas, the new wireless outdoor audio system will enhance the visitor experience on 1st Street in an exciting new way.  Technomad will exhibit much of the gear used for the 1st Street project at the Infocomm 2016 trade show,  June 8-10 nearby at the Las Vegas convention center.

More information
Audio Hardware:
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Solar Molding:
Audio over IP:
Infocomm 2016:

Vernal 15:

For more information contact
Rodger von Kries
Technomad LLC
1.800.464.7757 x 702

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DragonFly Excels Poolside in California

Hi Technomad,


The DragonFly is still amazing.  I would love to share two stories with you.  We had our banquet at a communion hall at a local church.  Our parents set us up with a [redacted] amplifier and microphone.  It made our coaches’ voice “tinny”, and the volume was inadequate for the size of the room.  My assistant principal did me the favor of driving to school and grabbing the DragonFly… It made a HUGE difference.  People in the back could hear me clearly and the sound quality was superb.  It saved the evening.

The other story is for our summer school that starts this Monday.  So my game plan for this summer is to have the DragonFly with me and in use for 8 hours a day.  Five hours in the classroom and three hours on the pool deck.  The fact that it is not heavy will make it easier to move back and forth between the classroom and pool daily.  I did a sound check in the new classroom and the quality of sound in the back of the room is tremendous.  Clear, loud, and maintains the bass of my voice.  I will also be using the DragonFly much more frequently as we start water polo practice.

Attached are a few shots from the end of swim season during practice.

Thank you for such a great product.

All the best,

Jan Tsuyoshi Sakonju
M.S. Education: Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
Head Boys Aquatics Coach
Crescenta Valley High School, California

Key Specifications:

  • 23 lbs
  • 122 dB
  • 8 hour continuous full-power operation from internal battery
  • Runs from 12-24 V DC or 110-240 V AC power
  • Weatherproof
  • Integral Wireless Mic
  • Expansion Bay
  • Half the size and weight of ‘commercial grade’ devices that 9 db less powerful

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